Of the three assassins that were in all the mortal kombat games which one do you like better?

1.) Sub- Zero

2.) Scorpion

3.) Reptile

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Which game character in any game would you choose to be in Mortal Kombat?

1.) Master Chief

2.) Mario

3.) Ryu

4.) Any character you want.

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Whould you like it if they made..?

1.) Mortal Kombat vs Steet Fighter

2.) Mortal Kombat vs Tekken

3.) Mortal Kombat vs Marvel

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Who do you want to be cyber?

1.) Scorpion

2.) Ermac

3.) Noob

4.) Rain

5.) Chameleon

6.) Raiden

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If the mk team hade a kontest to make a new charcter what are you're ideas?

Send an image or drawing to me on the wiki and i'll chose the best 5 and have a poll

Who would you like to make a mythology about?

1.) Scorpion

2.) Ermac

3.) Rain

4.) Chameleon

5.) Smoke

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To you who is the best figther?

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